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Sector statistics

How long sectors have not been appearing, as well as how often they appeared in the previous 500 rounds
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Mega Wheel Tracker (Track Casino)

Track every round live and predict the results using strategies and analytics.

Mega Wheel Signals

A key section for all players aiming to maximize their chances of winning. Here you will find detailed analytical data and strategic approaches that allow you to better understand the dynamics of the game and make informed bets.

Mega Wheel Stats & History

An extensive dataset allowing for the analysis of past results and prediction of possible outcomes. This section provides players with valuable information about the frequency of various payouts, helping to build their strategies more thoroughly.

Mega Wheel Telegram bot

This is an innovative tool that will help you keep track of all the events in the game right on your mobile device. Receive instant notifications about the start of new games, changes in rules, and other important updates. Thanks to this bot, you will always be informed and able to act promptly to increase your chances of winning in the exciting game Mega Wheel.

About the game Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play is an exciting and easy-to-learn game that offers players a unique gambling experience. It is inspired by traditional wheels of fortune. The game attracts with its colorful design, high-quality animation, and exciting sound accompaniment, creating an atmosphere of a real gambling establishment.

The goal of the Mega Wheel game is to guess which sector the spinning wheel will stop at. Possible bets and winnings depend on the chosen sector, adding an element of strategy and interaction for players. Among the various bets that can be made include numbers, multipliers, and other special sectors, offering different chances of winning.

Mega Wheel also has a real-time chat feature, which allows players to communicate with each other and with the dealer, making the gaming process even more interactive and social. Thanks to its dynamic and exciting game mechanics, Mega Wheel becomes a popular choice among those who love to test their luck and get an exciting gambling experience.