Live statistics, Signals, Tracker, Draw history and analysis for Lightning Storm from Evolution

Brand new game from Evolution that will be launched in the summer of 2024. Statistics will be available immediately after the launch.

Main information

The game is a wheel of fortune consisting of 39 sectors.

  • 19 sectors with petals, payout 1:1.
  • 20 digital sectors with values from 1 to 20. Payout 20:1.

During the rotation of the wheel, random multiplications and bonus games fall on the digital sectors.

Battery Charger

The bonus game Batter Charger is a conveyor belt with bonus multipliers and a mini wheel, spinning which will determine the size of the win. Both multipliers and a total multiplier that will increase all winnings are possible.

Hot Spot

The bonus game is similar to Cash Hunt in Crazy Time. It has the same field size (9 by 12) and the same principle. In addition, there is also a special zone that will further increase the multipliers.

Monster Mash

The bonus game is a drum with 3 sectors. Each sector contains a part of the monster with a multiplier. After the spin is complete, the monster will be collected and the bet multiplied by the result obtained.

Thunder Ball

The essence of the bonus game is similar to Pachinko in Crazy Time. There are 152 different outcomes on the board, including simple multipliers and multipliers that will increase all possible winnings, and the game will repeat. The dealer throws the ball, and where it lands is the prize that players will receive.

Lightning Storm

Bonus game with the highest potential winnings. The player chooses one of 3 flappers and receives a prize depending on where the lightning strikes.